Pittsburg Biographies
Updated: April 17, 2008  

This section contains biographies of the men and women who helped build Pittsburg from its birth in 1876 to what it has become today. Their stories have become threads in the woven history of Pittsburg and should be told. The biographies have come from a variety of sources including newspapers, obituaries, historical books and my own research.

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  Anderson, William H.      
  Baxter, Leonard C      
  Bell, W. W.      
  Besse, Alexander      
  Blair, Alonzo B.      
  Botefuhr, Carl H.
  Botefuhr, Frank S.      
  Casad, Orla S.  

To make this page a true biography of the men and women who helped build Pittsburg, I will need your help. You can email the biographies, stories, obituaries, family histories and pictures to me by using the Contact Me button to the right.

How You Can Contribute:

  • In the subject line of the email please put Pittsburg Biography Submission when submitting a biography to me.
  • Make sure it is a person related to the history of Pittsburg. If the biography is of someone from another town in Crawford County, please submit those with a subject line of Crawford County Biography Submission and they will be included in the Crawford County Biography section of the website.
  • You may submit as many biographies, family stories or pictures as you want.


"There is properly no history; just biography."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  Georgia, Augustus J.    
  White, M. Hance    
  Wood, Neil E.