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Chicken Annie's
5 miles North, 3 1/2 miles East of Pittsburg in Yale

Chicken Annie's
Picture on the top and sign on the right is from when they had a location in Joplin, MO.
Bottom picture of the of the original farmhouse with an addition built on.
- no postmark (circa late 1960's early 1970's)
Chicken Annie's started in 1933 after Charley Pichler was injured in a mine accident and wasn't able to work anymore. His wife, Annie Frances (Rehak) Pichler tried started selling chicken dinners out of their house in 1934 to make ends meet. For .75 cents you could get three pieces of chicken, German potato salad, cole slaw, a piece of pickled pepper, a slice of tomato and bread. In 1963 Annie and Charley retired turning over the business to their daughter Louella and her husband Louis Lipoglav and their son Carl and his wife Rosemary. They built a new building in 1972 just down the road east of the house. They are still located in that building today. After a few years, Carl left the business to help their son Anthony open Pichler's Chicken Annie's south of Pittsburg. Charley died in 1978 and Annie died in 1991.
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