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Cripe Bakery
Opened 1935

A. J. Cripe's Bakery
- no postmark (c1930-1945)
A. J. Cripe had operated bakeries in Garnett, Hutchison and St. Joseph, Mo and had been in the baking business his entire life. When he sold his last plant in St. Joseph, in 1935, he chose Pittsburg as the next home of his bakery ventures. He began the bakery with 14 employees. By 1965 he had two bakeries, one being added in 1956 at Independence, KS, and a work force of 107 employees with an annual payroll of over $500,000.His bakery products became known as “Town Talk” and continued well into the 1970’s using old bakery procedures, well after the industry had changed its processes. Mr. Cripe believed in quality over efficiency. By 1965 he was the largest independently owned bakery plant operating in Kansas.
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