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Pittsburg Fire Station No. 1
108 W. Fourth

- photo Pittsburg Fire Department Outside Fire Station No. 1 on West Fourth, April 29, 1915
- Prosperous Pittsburg, Pictorially Portrayed: 1915
- photo about 1900 Pittsburg Fire Station No. 1 on West Fourth
- Prosperous Pittsburg, Pictorially Portrayed: 1915
photo - Fire Station #1 From Alley Across the Street - 1930's
Tuck (1898-1914) was killed on June 29, 1914 at the fire that destroyed Russ Hall on the campus of the Manual Training Normal School. His coat was made into a lap rug and is stored at Axe Library in the Special Collections Department at PSU
- photo - Nip & Tuck Leading the Fire Wagon about 1905
- Kansas Centenial Edition, The Pittsburg Headlight and
The Pittsburg Sun
, Sat. April 29, 1961
"Paid Fire Department opened in March, 1889, under Chief W. H. Holmes, with two horses and a hose wagon. In 1901 Chief Holmes was succeeded by J. T. Atkinson who remained in office one year during which time the truck was added to the department Station No. 1. On July 2, 1903, our present chief, T. W. Howe, was favored with the office.In 1906 the chief's gig was added to the department, and then on August 15, 1907, Station No. 2 was opened with three horses and a hose wagon. Today Pittsburg has one of the fastest and best equipped fire departments of any city of its size. The city is contemplating adding two motor engines to the department in the near future. Their present officers are: Chief, T. W. Howe, Assistant Chief, F. O. Robertson; Secretary, Ira Main; Captain of Station No. 2, S. J. Urichs." - Prosperous Pittsburg Pictorially Portrayed, publishers: Pittsburg Publicity Company, 1915
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