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Rol McConaha Cigars
108 1/2 W. Third



Calling card for Rol. McConaha's cigars which was located above the L. H. Kidder & Son Grocery store at 108 1/2 W. Third from about 1902 - 1940. This could also be a personal calling card as it has his home address of 217 W. Kansas Avenue.

Rolla "Rol" Atkins McConaha was born to Perry & Eliza McConaha in Illinois on 6 March 1875. The family moved to Independence, Kansas in 1880 after a year in Texas. Rol came to Pittsburg in about 1895 at the age of 20 with his youngest brother Keith who are bothe listed in the 1895 Kansas State Census as both cigar makers. The1896 Pittsburg City directory has him listed as working for W. M. West, a local cigar maker, at 408 N. Broadway and residing in the Opera House Hotel. By 1901 he is listed as the proprietor of his own cigar manufacturing shop at 111 1/2 W. 4th where he also resided. He married Rose Ila Eyestone 19 Nov 1902 in Pittsburg and the 1903 city directory has them living and running his cigar operation at 108 1/2 W 3rd above the L. H. Kidder & Son Grocery. The building that bears his name, see picture below, probably was built between 1901 and 1903 where he and his family lived at least until 1906. The 1908 city directory has him residing at his new home at 217 W. Kansas. Rol remained in the cigar manufacturing business until about 1940 after which he worked with his son, Glenn who had opened an insurance business. He died in 1954 and buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery along with his wife Rose (1877-1954), daughter Maxine Virginia (1908-1951) and his son George (1903-1959).
Back of Rol. McConaha calling card from above.
McConaha Building - 108 W. Third
Second floor where the cigar manufacturing was done is currently an apartment
-photo May 2012
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1914: J. W. Grimes 609 E. 9th
1916: Mrs. Lottie L. Kettler 408 W. 1st
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