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Cemeteries in Pittsburg
Clicking on a link will take you to a page with some images and tombstone inscriptions from William Cuthbertson's Crawford County Tombstone Inscription book. Check back often to see more inscriptions, it is a long process to input them all. Click here to see listings of other Crawford County cemeteries. I will do lookups in the inscriptions book for information but please include the surname and the cemetery you believe they are buried in. I don't have time to do a blanket search of all cemeteries for one surname.

Entrance to Highland Park Cemetery - no postmark (c1915-1930) Entrance to Highland Park Cemetery - postmarked 1921
Originally platted on October 24, 1914, the Highland Park Cemetery is located on South Broadway and is east of the Hobson Cemetery and the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery. As there are no formal boundaries between the three cemeteries, the entire area is usally referred to as Highland Park Cemetery even though St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery is maintained by the Catholic church and is definitely seperate. The Hobson Cemetery is now maintained as part of Highland Park Cemetery. Additional plats were filed to enlarge the cemetery in 1916, 1928 and 1931. Today the cemetry encompasses 36 acres and is owned and mainted by the Highland Park Cemetery Association. It is estimated that there are over 15,000 gravesites in the cemetery.
The Hobson Cemetery was originally part of the land owned by George Hobson who recieved a land patent from the U.S. Government in 1870. He donated a corner (528' x 317') of his land for a public burial grounds and it was known as the Pittsburg Cemetery but soon became known as the Hobson Cemetery after the man who surveyed and laid out the cemeter. George Hobson died in 1891 and is buried in the northwest corner of the cemetery. The earliest burial is from 1872. Today the Hobson Cemetery is considered part of the Highland Park Cemetery and is also owned and maintained by the Highland Park Cemetery Association. It is divided from the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery to its south by a small driveway.
Mt. Olive Abbey - photo 2007
The Mount Olive Cemetery, located at 402 E. Quincy, was surveyed and platted in early 1888 by The Pittsburg Cemetery Association who advertised in The Daily Headlight on June 13, 1888 that burial lots would be put up for sale beginning June 16, 1888 at the office of Carlton & Casad as agents. The Pittsburg Cemetery Association was organized in 1887 with the first officers of the organization being Dr. George W. Williams, president; D. S. Miller, vice-president; Robert E. Carlton, secretary; Con A. Miller, treasurer and Augustus J. Georgia as assistant secretary. It was chartered so that each purchaser of a lot became a stockholder in the cemetery and association. The Mt. Olive Abbey that is located in the cemetery was built in 1926 for about $80,000 by The Superior Mausoleum Company of Columbus, OH and constructed of Carthage stone on the exterior and marble inside. It has vaults for 500 of which about 125 are occupied. The cemetery has been owned by the city of Pittsburg since 1992.
The St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery is located just south of the Hobson Cemetery and west of the Highland Park Cemetery. It is maintained by the Catholic church and isn't part of the Highland Park Cemetery. However it is almost full so the southern part of Section 2, all of Section 3 and Section 10 of Highland Park has been set aside for use by members of the Catholic Church. The cemetery is divided from the others by gravel roads and includes a circle in the center where Catholic priests have been buried. MAP COMING SOON!


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